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Welcome to the World of Animatricks!

This group is dedicated to the developing novel Animatricks, a Wattpad story that takes place in a fantasy world populated by magical creatures of all shapes and sizes! While this story takes place on planet Earth, its now a very different world from what we know it to be. Athro creatures from an corners of the imagination have replaced the role of humans and now thrive in cities, towns, villages, and even floating mountains!

The world is mostly a paradise, but deep in the uncharted oceans of New Earth dwell a scourge of ravenous beast known as Snatchers. They arrive without warning and kidnap unsuspecting creatures - young and old. In this current book, young rabbit-person Zethany Gomor must rescue her little sister from the Snatchers with the help of her many friends!

This story is actively being developed and worked on as we speak. HEAPS of gratitude to my INCREDIBLE DevTeam for helping me along every step of the way. And even though this story may be in the works, it is very much an open world for any and all who love anthros and magic!

Once again, welcome to the world of Animatricks!!
Founded 7 Months ago
Sep 3, 2016


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Art Creation

17 Members
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849 Pageviews
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Blood Red Spotlight - Darkened by linisahorribleperson
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Trickster. - Antique by xZethanyx
Zethany. V2 by xZethanyx
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''...Her Strength Will Become Yours.'' - AT text3 by xZethanyx
''...Her Strength Will Become Yours.'' - AT text2 by xZethanyx
''...Her Strength Will Become Yours.'' - AT text by xZethanyx
''...Her Strength Will Become Yours.'' by xZethanyx
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Zethany C. Gomor - Animatricks Character Bio by xZethanyx
? - Animatricks Character Bio by xZethanyx
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Blood Red Spotlight - Darkened by linisahorribleperson
Blood Red Spotlight by linisahorribleperson
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Animatricks Bio by Admin-Aki
Animatricks Character Bio Template by xZethanyx
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Furry Familiars - Night in the Woods x Animatricks by xZethanyx
The Genetics Generator - Venice + Zethany by xZethanyx

Animatricks - A Novel in the Works!

Animatricks Logo by xZethanyx

Welcome to the World of Animatricks!

Animatricks Novel Progress
F2U Writing progress bar 50% by Aqua-Spirit22
Current word count: 22,874
(Updated every chapter release.)


Animatricks on Wattpad!
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Animatrick's Tumblr!

Treat each other nicely and have a lovely day~!

In the absence of humans, Earth is reborn and inhabited by a new form of dominant life known as “creatures.” Each creature is born with a unique form of magic capable of just about anything, but contrary to their vows to their reborn planet, their human-like ways of life have rendered them sedentary and with no more use for magic. As backfire, a heinous threat has emerged from the ocean, and it comes in the form of large, savage, unstoppable monsters known as “Snatchers.” They come in the night, approach with a storm, and steal away any unfortunate soul not in hiding. With no more common sense to the use of magic, the creatures of New Earth are helpless against the Snatcher scourge.

Against all odds, out of the thousands of children that were taken by the snatchers in 2005, five were rescued from the ocean in the year 2007. Their names are popularly known throughout the Floating City as Zethany, Namrah, Venice, Tamizel, and Aquarius. Ten years later, the youngest of the five, Namrah, is kidnapped a second time by the same hideous heathens. Eighteen-year-old Zethany Gomor must venture into the unknown if she is to ever see her little sister again, but not without the company of her many friends: Bo, Kana, Kilu, Romeo, and Aki - as well as the rest of the survivors from 2007.

What begins as a straightforward mission to rescue a friend spirals out of proportion and unravels to be a perilous journey across the world all the while remaining under the detection of the snatcher scourge. The gang must revive their long lost use of magic if they are to ward off these savages and eventually confront a dark entity whom calls himself “The Humane One.”
Did you know that when you submit fanart to the group, your fanart gets shared to the Animatricks Tumblr? Of course, your art is sourced and credited. Submitting any amount of artwork to this group could get you noticed by a large group of people outside of deviantart :3
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